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Living in a picture postcard by the sea – Marbella Town seascapes (vol. I)



Living as close to the beach as I do, I am always surprised by the number of Marbella Town’s long-term residents who rarely take the time to walk along its shores unless it’s in the summer, when for me, this is a time when Marbella’s beaches are to be avoided, unless its early in the morning or evening and clear of sunbathing holidaymakers.

Although a walk along the beachfront promenade gives you plenty of photo opportunities of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets painted by Mother Nature with her inimitable palette of vibrant and subtle hues; I prefer to walk barefoot along the shore to connect with the sea, hear its waves, feel its breeze, inhale its tangy saltiness, shell-picking and stopping to gaze at the seagulls swooping and soaring above…

My dear departed best friend Fred always used to roll his eyes in mock despair whenever I showed him my latest seascape photos – “what on earth are you going to do with all of them?”

Well, now I have an answer – share them here on this blog, in the hope that whoever reads this post will be inspired to step into the picture postcard seascape splendour of Marbella Town and witness it first-hand.

Enjoy the show…

(Text & photos: Liz Glazer)

8 thoughts on “Living in a picture postcard by the sea – Marbella Town seascapes (vol. I)

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  2. Amazing and beautiful photos X


  3. So true, for those of us fortunate enough to live in Paradise all year round,a reminder of the Beauty that surrounds,n feeds us every moment.! Wonderful photos Liz.Thank you.


  4. Beautiful photos with the Turneresque skies, hope you didn’t have to share too much of your “mollete de caballa” with the hungry gulls. x x


    • Delighted to share the beauty that surrounds us but not my mollete de caballa – especially not with hungry gulls! That close up was achieved by throwing stale loaf leftovers up in the air and snapping away while they swooped around me – pretty scary but also thrilling to be so close up to the “gladiators” of the sea!


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