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Living in a picture postcard by the sea – Marbella Town seascapes vol. 2


Amid all the turmoil and fear-inducing news that we are being spoon-fed on a daily basis, I feel all the more blessed to be able to step into the stunning picture postcard seascape scenes I witness every day, as I walk along the shores of Marbella Town.

I´d like to share a couple of my Marbella seascape inspired poems with you, along with some photos that capture their essence…

Celestial light

The late afternoon sun
Smothered by cushions of cloud
When all at once
Its rays pierce through a jagged tear
Casting beams of celestial light
For eyes that dare, or care to stare.


The sparkling sunbeam shadow spreads from the horizon
Spangles of incandescent light bounce and dance their way to shore
A glittering spread of randomly tossed diamonds
On the liquid shifting rumpled sheet
Of a platinum grey sea.

Wherever you are in the world right now, I hope that these words and images will help you to forget all your troubles for a moment and focus and marvel instead on the natural splendour that surrounds us – if only we stop and take a moment to contemplate and reconnect to our beautiful world.

Wishing you peace and joy!

(Text, poems and photos: Liz Glazer)

5 thoughts on “Living in a picture postcard by the sea – Marbella Town seascapes vol. 2

  1. Fabulous photos and beautiful words. X


  2. Beautiful photographs coupled with emotive words, an uplifting combination. Thank you x x


    • Thank YOU Richard for your positive feedback – am so happy that they lifted your spirits. Vol 3 on its way soon with the stunning autumn sunsets we’ve been privileged to admire these past few days…


  3. Hi Liz

    Keep up the good work. Your blog is really good and I so enjoy reading it.


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