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Discover the magic of Marbella from an "insider" point of view – by Liz Glazer

Marbella Town’s beaches: A place to disconnect and reconnect…


Nothing brings people together like the sea and the beach – people of all ages and sizes, families, total strangers and from all walks of life, becoming one, casting off their worldly worries and responsibilities to reconnect with their inner joy and peace.

As someone who walks or cycles along the beachfront of Marbella Town almost every day, I have taken a series of photos over time that capture this collective sense of wonder, freedom and tenderness which I’d like to share with you here and which speak for themselves…

Text and photos: Liz Glazer

8 thoughts on “Marbella Town’s beaches: A place to disconnect and reconnect…

  1. Wow!!! These photos are amazing!!!! You have a real skill. You shoudl have an exhibition of them! I will come! Xxxxxx


  2. Love those photos Liz, they bring out the magic and what a sense of calm
    And freedom..


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  4. Your blog makes me want to sit on the beach and loiter on the Paseo. Thank you for the beautiful pictures,

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