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A celebration of Marbella Town’s autumnal sunset seascapes and magical moons


Marbella sunset skiesHaving been absent from Marbella Town throughout the month of September due to the death of my dearest Dad at the end of August – and not really here in spirit since my return – it is only since I got back home last weekend after a week literally walking my grief away in the healing wooded hills of the nearby white village of Ojén (post coming soon)  – that I’ve come back down the mountain with my soul refreshed and inspired once more to relaunch my blog and  share the gentler-paced late autumnal life in Marbella  – both inside and out.

We have been blessed with inordinately beautiful mild weather these past few weeks and now the welcome rains have come, I’ve had time to go through my photos and select a few taken on my evening walks along Marbella Town’s beachfront promenade to share with you…

The sunsets at this time of year, particularly after a startlingly blue-skied sun-drenched day,   are breathtakingly beautiful – with twilight skies tinged in soft apricots and tangerines, baby pinks and blues; while the sun sinks behind the mountain skyline to the west of Marbella Town, searing the skies with blazing orange and crimson and streaks of fuchsia and charcoal grey.

I was drinking in the sunset last Sunday from the breakwater just beyondMarbella moonlight Marbella Town´s lighthouse and turned to be greeted by the sight of a surprisingly large moon. It wasn´t the media-hyped super moon of the 14th – but nonetheless it loomed luminously immense, magically lighting up the beachfront promenade as I made my way home.

The very last time I spoke to my Dad in the middle of August, just a couple of days before he went into hospital never to emerge, he rang out of the blue to tell me he’d been looking through my blog and how much he loved my writing and my photographs and yes; me.

“You certainly chose the best place to live Liz”, he said. “Enjoy!”

I certainly did Dad and I certainly shall…

This blog post is for you – mi querido Papi – con todo mi amor.

(Photos & text: Liz Glazer)

10 thoughts on “A celebration of Marbella Town’s autumnal sunset seascapes and magical moons

  1. Beautiful photos Liz!!! Amazing. Hope you are feeling a little more settled now. Losing someone special as you know is hard. Hope to see you soon at Choir.


  2. Beautiful photos Liz.✨🌞🌟💫


  3. So sorry about your sad news. He was right about your wonderful blogs and photos. I’m glad you are writing again. I feel that I’m somewhere else when I read


  4. Wonderful photos, I really enjoy reading your Blogs


  5. It is wonderful to read Your blog, Liz. Happy New Year!


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