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Startling rain-laden clouded sunset skies in Marbella Town


Rain-laden clouded sunset skies

Driving down from the nearby mountain village of Ojén to Marbella Town in the late afternoon, after a lovely Sunday lunch with some friends, the patches of blue sky amid the dramatic dark heavy rain clouds that hung above the sea, was a sight to make my heart sing…

It’s been raining almost incessantly the past few days in Andalucía – and while this is a welcome change for us long-term residents and is much needed after such a long dry spell – deprived of my daily walks along Marbella Town’s shores; cabin fever was beginning to set in.

I dumped my bags and grabbing my camera, ran down to the beach to witness the most startlingly beautiful sunset sky still laden with rainclouds,  that hopefully heralds a bright new dawn and a drier week ahead…

(Photos and text by Liz Glazer)

4 thoughts on “Startling rain-laden clouded sunset skies in Marbella Town

  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful weather!


  2. Dear Liz,
    we had a small talk few days ago on the beautiful beach Marbella’s.
    Congratulation to your very nice Marbella Blog!
    You can find some pics I have taken there on facebook, even that one where you stand beside me 🙂


    • Thank you Roman – I take that as a compliment from a professional photographer such as yourself – I will have a look at your photos – and thank you again for the positive feedback! Please share with your friends as it motivates me to continue with this pet project of mine focusing on the beauty of nature and a behind-the-tourist scene Marbella both inside and out!


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