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Sharing some Marbella sunshine…


It’s raining! At last ! After months of sun-flooded days here in Marbella Town.

As someone who  previously found endless rainy days tiresome from a strictly townie point of view, since I’ve graduated from former urban plant assassin to proficient organic vegetable grower, I’m more aware than ever of the life-giving effect these much-needed celestial downpours have on our natural environment.

So let’s not grumble at the rain but rejoice – and once it stops, and it will –  I urge you to go for a wonderful walk in the stunning Marbella mountainside and sniff in that glorious rain-drenched intoxicating scent of nature,  where all the plants and trees are flourishing from their soaking and the dried-up streams and rivers are gushing with delight.

And while the rain keeps me away from my Marbella allotment wonderland for yet another blessed rainy day, what better time than to dig out and share some sunrise and sunset photos I’ve been filing away, as I attempt to capture Mother Nature’s inimitable striking artwork across Marbella Town’s beachside skies…





Hope you enjoyed the show!

May the sun shine in your hearts even on the rainiest of days!

Photos and text: Liz Glazer

8 thoughts on “Sharing some Marbella sunshine…

  1. Beautiful!!!! Xxxxx


  2. Wonderful photos


  3. Wonderful photos. I wish I was there.


  4. Far cry from here in the UK Liz. Lovely to see the sun again! A x

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  5. So beautiful, looking forward to being back on the coast for Easter and seeing the much talked about allotment

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